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Sysquake for LaTeX

All the documentation of Sysquake for LaTeX is available in electronic form. Here is the table of contents of the documentation; for help about a function or another keyword, the index may be handy.

You should take the time to read at least the description of the installation process, and the introduction which describes Sysquake for LaTeX.

An introduction to Sysquake for LaTeX.
Sysquake for LaTeX Installation
Step-by-step instructions to install and configure Sysquake for LaTeX.
Sysquake for LaTeX Tutorial
Commented examples of Sysquake for LaTeX which show you many things, from basic insertion of the result of computation to advanced graphics.
LME Tutorial
A step-by-step discovery of LME, the language used by Sysquake for LaTeX.
LaTeX Package Reference
Reference to the LaTeX package sysquake.sty.
LME Reference
Reference to the LME language used by Sysquake for LaTeX.
Character Set
How Sysquake for LaTeX handles source code files with different character encodings.
Functions by Category
All the built-in functions available in Sysquake for LaTeX, sorted by category.
Functions by Name
Operators, functions and other keywords used in Sysquake for LaTeX, sorted by name.
Constructs and functions which declare, retrieve, and set variables.
Programming constructs
The basic bricks of LME: functions, conditional execution, loops, etc.
Miscellaneous functions
Functions which cannot be classified elsewhere, such as those related to function arguments and error management.
Secure environment to execute code from untrusted sources.
Arithmetic (+-*/), comparison (== < etc.), and array (,;:) operators.
Mathematical functions
Trigonometric, logarithmic, special, and conversion functions on scalar numbers.
Matrix functions
Arithmetic, eigenvalues, decompositions, norms, filtering, FFT, statistics, and computation on polynomials.
Array functions
Everything you need to build and manipulate arrays.
Triangulation functions
Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi tessalation.
Integer functions
Functions related to arrays of integer numbers.
Non-linear numerical functions
Numerical integration of ordinary differential equations.
String functions
Functions which manipulate, compare and transform strings.
Support for quaternions, similar to complex numbers but with four components.
List functions
Functions which manipulate lists of data.
Structure functions
Functions which create and handle structures, sets of data elements identified by names.
Object functions
Functions which creates and manipulate objects.
Logical functions
Boolean and bitwise functions.
Dynamical system functions
Functions related to linear time-invariant dynamical systems.
Input/output functions
Functions which read from files, write to files, and format data.
File input/output functions
Functions which open and close files.
Path manipulation functions
Functions related to path construction and extraction.
MAT-file input/output functions
Functions which encode and decode the contents of MATLAB-compatible MAT-files.
Long integers
Arithmetic on integers of arbitrary length.
Time functions
Functions which retrieve the current time or start and stop a stopwatch.
Date functions
Date conversion.
Introduction to graphics in Sysquake.
General remarks about style, identifiers and scale.
Base functions
Base functions to create simple graphics.
3D functions
Functions to create 3D graphics.
Functions for dynamic systems
Specialized functions to create graphics related to linear time-invariant systems.
Unix functions
Functions specific to the Unix operating system.
Sysquake for LaTeX functions
Description of functions specific to Sysquake for LaTeX.
Sets of functions which extend LME.
LME Compatibility Notes
Differences between LME and MATLAB(R)'s language.
License and Copyright
A few words about legal issues.