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Calerga Sarl

Calerga Sarl is a Swiss privately-owned company created on the 11th of December, 2001 by Yves Piguet and Francesco Mondada. It is based in Vevey, near Lausanne, in Switzerland. Site www.calerga.com has existed since the 29th of September, 1998. Site calerga.ch has existed since the 17th of February, 2011; it hosts private projects specific to our activities for Switzerland.


Calerga is well known for Sysquake, its scientific software with outstanding interactivity capabilities which help understanding mathematics, physics and engineering and enable the rapid design of high-performance technical systems; LyME, an application for Palm OS handheld devices which borrows the math programming language of Sysquake; and Sysquake Remote, which adds to HTML pages computation results and graphics created dynamically by evaluating embedded code.

Solutions developed by Calerga share a strong scientific basis which comes from the experience of its leaders; suitability for the projects of its customers which results from close collaborations; and optimal application of new technologies. Calerga software applications have a common code base, which guarantees their quality through extensive tests on different hardware and software platforms.


Calerga offers also consulting and engineering in the domains of dynamical systems and control, understood with a broad meaning: system modeling, simulation, optimization, control, data processing, implementation in embedded systems. Here are some examples of projects it has realized:

Most of these projects require excellent programming expertise. Among the technologies Calerga has developed, one should mention numerical computing, programming languages (interpreters and transcompilers), reading and/or writing files in different formats (XML, JSON, MAT-file, LaTeX, PDF, Office Open XML (.docx and .xlsx), OpenDocument (.odt and .ods), VRML/X3D), and Internet-related protocols (HTTP server, WebDav, websocket, LTI). Main programming languages include C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and Python. Calerga also relies on third-party solutions when the project allows it. Thanks to its broad experience, it adjusts quickly to new environments.

Satisfaction of its customers and trust established through personal contacts permit Calerga to consolidate long-term relationships.