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Sysquake application icon Sysquake

Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux

Sysquake is innovative, powerful and flexible software for understanding technical systems, solving problems, and designing products. What makes it special is its unparalleled graphical interactivity.

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Sysquake application icon Sysquake Pro

Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux

Sysquake Pro is based on the same application as Sysquake, with supplementary features: extensions (additional functions for input/output, databases, Lapack, etc. and the ones you'll develop yourself in C), inter-application communication, and Sysquake Application Builder which creates stand-alone applications.

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Sysquake for LaTeX

Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux

Sysquake for LaTeX brings to LaTeX a direct access to Sysquake's interpreter. Text and graphics are integrated seamlessly. Sysquake for LaTeX is free.

Free download

Sysquake Remote

GNU/Linux, Mac OS X

Sysquake Remote is an Apache module based on Sysquake. With it, you can embed code fragments in standard HTML pages to compute results and create graphics extremely easily. Support for forms and image clicks with coordinate scaling are provided, as well as full access to the Unix shell should you need it.

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