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LME for Pocket PC

LME snapshot

LME for Pocket PC is LME, the programming language of Sysquake, compiled in an application for Windows Mobile ARM-based handheld devices. It has been tested mainly on a Dell Axim X30 device, but should also run on other Axim, HP iPaq and compatible devices.

LME for Pocket PC is a technology preview. Its user interface is basic, and there is support only for static graphics, not for interactive graphics. It is based on LME, a Matlab-compatible programming language aimed at numerical computing used in Sysquake and other products of Calerga since 1997. You should install it only if you want to bring Matlab compatibility in your pocket. There is no expiration date, but we do not guarantee than LME for Pocket PC will be a supported product in the long term (this means that we could replace it with something even better!).

LME for Pocket PC is neither Sysquake nor LyME. It has neither the interactive graphics of Sysquake nor its SQ file support which makes developing user interfaces very easy. It has not the simple yet efficient user interface of LyME, with simple graphics tuned for the low resources of Palm OS devices. It is more a first step in the direction of a full Sysquake on Pocket PC: it supports files input/output and extensions, like Sysquake. Its graphical capabilities are borrowed from Sysquake Remote, i.e. it is fully compatible with Sysquake without the interactivity. Some of the most powerful extensions have been ported: audio input/output, web services with XML-RPC and SOAP, and TCP/IP sockets. And you can develop yours in C. It even supports multithreading. But as a technology preview on the way to something more finished, it has not received its own product name.

LME snapshot

To get a better idea of the possibilities offered by LME for Pocket PC, you should just install it and execute the code fragments provided as a demonstration. These fragments, stored in an XML file, are organized in a hierarchical tree to make their access as easy as possible.


LME for Pocket PC is provided with comprehensive documentation.


LME for Pocket PC is available now as a free technology preview. Please go to the Download page to get it.