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You can find knowledgeable people ready to share their experience or answer your questions in the Sysquake Google Group. Come and meet us there!


Sysquake 6 is available for Windows 7/8/10 (32 and 64 bits), macOS 10.6-10.12, and Linux x64 with GTK+ 2 and X11.

Please contact us to order Sysquake Pro, which offers extensions (those provided by Calerga as well as those you will develop yourself in C), Sysquake Application Builder, and more.

OS File Release Date
Win 7/8/10 32/64 Install_SQ.exe
(5.2 MB)
January 2017 Notes
macOS 10.6-10.12 Sysquake.dmg
(3.1 MB)
January 2017 Notes
Debian, Ubuntu, Mint sysquake-amd64-20170125.deb
(2.0 MB)
January 2017 Notes
Linux (other) sysquake-amd64-20170125.tgz
(2.5 MB)
January 2017 Notes

On Windows, Sysquake is provided as a self-contained setup application Install_SQ.exe.

On macOS, files are provided in a disk image (.dmg file) which can be opened with Disk Utility. A double-click should be enough to mount it; then you can copy its contents to the Applications folder.

On Linux, files are .deb packages or .tgz archives. To install Sysquake on Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint if you have administrator rights, download the .deb file and double-click its icon. Otherwise, download the .tgz file, uncompress it with the following command in a terminal, then read the readme file:

% tar xfz filename.tgz

You can also read the documentation on our site.

Sysquake for LaTeX

Sysquake for LaTeX is a LaTeX package which offers the seamless integration of the Sysquake interpreter in LaTeX. Sysquake code fragments stored in the .tex files are evaluated and the result (text and graphics) is included in the typeset output (PDF or DVI file) with ultimate quality and convenience.

Sysquake for LaTeX has been tested with MiKTeX on Windows and with TeXLive 2016 on macOS and Linux. Its installation does not depend on any TeX distribution; its operating, described in its documentation, should allow its use with other versions.

OSFileRelease Date
Windows 7/8/10
(2.3 MB)
January 2017
Mac OS X (Intel) SysquakeForLatex.pkg.zip
(2.4 MB)
January 2017
Linux x86
Debian, Ubuntu, Mint
(840 KB)
January 2017
Linux x86 sysquakelx-i386-20170119.tgz
(1.1 MB)
January 2017
(Documentation) SQLx_2017.pdf (1.5 MB) January 2017

On Windows, Sysquake for LaTeX is provided in an installation program (.exe file). You should install LaTeX, typically the last release of MiKTeX or TeXLive, before Sysquake for LaTeX. The documentation provides more details.

On Mac, Sysquake for LaTeX is provided in an installation package (.pkg file), itself compressed with zip for an easier download. You should install LaTeX first, typically the last release of TeXLive. Then double-click the zip file, then the pkg file, and follow the instructions.

On Linux, Sysquake is provided either as a deb package for compatible distributions (including Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint), or in a tgz archive file for other distributions or a manual installation. You should install LaTeX first, typically the last release of TeXLive. Then install the deb package (e.g. by typing sudo dpkg -i file.deb in a terminal) or unarchive the tgz file and read the readme file. The documentation provides more details.