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Calerga Online Store

Terms of sale

20 April 2018

This version reflects the new company address.

1. Preamble

The following terms constitute the general contractual terms of sale for products which are sold through the Calerga Online Store, on the web site http://www.calerga.com. By placing an order on this site, the client agrees to abide by these conditions.

2. Party making the offer

Company address:Calerga Sàrl
Bd St-Martin 21
CH 1800 Vevey
Phone number:+41 21 648 73 92
Email:info @ calerga.com
Web site:http://www.calerga.com
Registered company number:CH-550-1027905-1
VAT number:CHE-109.424.631

3. Products

Products sold through the Calerga Online Store are the following:

Software is offered under the following licenses (not all licenses are available for all softwares):

The license has no expiration date and is available to everybody, subject to export restrictions.
The license is valid for one year, starting from the month following the day the software is made available to the client. For license renewals, the license validity is extended by one year.

4. Offer and ordering

Software offered on Calerga Online Store is available immediately. When the client submits an order, a confirmation is emailed to him or her.

5. Payment methods

The Calerga Online Store accepts credit cards (VISA and MasterCard). Payment shall be made prior to delivery. We do not charge the client credit card until after the order has entered the shipping or delivery process.

Payments via bank wire transfer is available upon request.

6. Delivery

For downloadable versions, Calerga Sàrl sends instructions to the client by email.

Packages (Sysquake CD) are shipped through Swiss Post Priority. Shipping and handling are included in the total price.

7. VAT

For Switzerland, VAT is included in the total price.

For other countries, local and customs taxes are not included; the client has to pay them on delivery.

8. Return and refund

Software sold by Calerga Sàrl (download and CD version) is not returnable. Calerga recommends to evaluate the free version of Sysquake prior to any purchase of this software.

9. Other terms and conditions

Calerga Sàrl reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of sale at the Calerga Online Store at any time.

All sales on the Calerga Online Store are governed by Swiss law.