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Consulting and engineering in the domains of system modeling, simulation, optimization, control, data processing, implementation in embedded systems.

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Education technologies

To make access to Sysquake as easy as possible, especially to its interactive graphics, we've developped several offline and online technologies.

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Sysquake (Windows, macOS & GNU/Linux)

Ground-breaking software for simulation and scientific visualisation. Through innovative use of interactive graphics, Sysquake reveals insights into complex mathematical systems.

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Virtual experimentation (web)

3D environnement for virtual experimentation in your browser.


Sysquake Mobile (web)

Sysquake is not only a native application you can install on your computer to fully benefit from its processing power, but it also exists as a pure Web Application which runs in any recent browser.

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Sysquake for LaTeX (Windows, macOS & GNU/Linux)

Seamless integration of the Sysquake interpreter in LaTeX. Sysquake code fragments stored in the .tex files are evaluated and the result (text and graphics) is included in the typeset result (PDF or DVI file) with ultimate quality and convenience.

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